Need Transport Business Coaching, Yesterday?

“Can I Make Good Money Hauling Cars?”

That’s what people ask me. ALL THE TIME.

Or they say, “Can You Find Me A Good Dispatcher? The one I had COULDN’T find me good loads.”

“Remember that very first moment, when you ultimately decided to get into car hauling, what was your original plan of how to stay loaded?” I ask.

The same answer is usually, “Load Boards”. “I’ve watched your videos,” they say.

“Thanks, but what about getting your own customers?” I ask.

“Because load boards are for filling in empty spaces. That’s not how you start a solid business strategy. LOAD BOARDS ARE THE LEFTOVERS. You wouldn’t open a fine restaurant and get your ingredients out of a dumpster, would you?” I ask.

[ I know. It’s a shocking statement. ]

“I know some brokers, but that’s why I need a good dispatcher, because I’m too busy driving,” they say.

How Do Car Haulers Get into This Business Without Knowing How To Stay Loaded And Profitable?! That’s what I’m thinking, as the conversation continues (because now things are about to get real).

But I understand. Nobody showed us the way. Being frustrated with posted rates on load boards or not enough loads being posted is a daily occurrence and it’s a symptom of a really big issue. Nobody Ever Showed Us The Way.

And yes, dispatchers, and accountants, and mechanics – they’re all necessary. But do you hire any those people to fix your biggest problem? Namely: “Making Money.”

So guess what? We’re glad you found us. We are CTS Transport Business Coaching Services. We know why you’re here, and quite frankly, we think we can help you.

If you’re in the auto transport industry, you need to maximize your revenue with your car hauling business. And the fact is, we’re already helping other car hauling business owners (just like you).

Your #1 concern is income, right? Because you need better paying loads!

How long have you been thinking you need a better dispatcher – and better paying load boards – and better brokers?

And wondering if you need a better truck, or a new trailer, or a better app?

Have you ever met someone at a truck stop with a fist full of dollars and a million snappy answers? So then you dove in – feet first – but now things have gotten so bad, you’re beginning to question everything?!

We get it. But here’s the deal. We think what you really need right now is an experienced mentor. A trusted adviser. A solid business coach.

Because what you really need is better paying customers. 

And it’s not just a one-hour phone call that’ll fix all the problems. We’re talking about an ongoing relationship together, to help you create an ongoing relationship with your new customers. And that’s the big secret ingredient here:


You see, we didn’t create CTS to take people’s money (this industry is already full of people doing that). But rather, CTS was created out of the need by company business owners (just like you) with a ton of questions requiring real, immediate and honest conversations.

Faced with expensive, online training programs or out-of-the-box, digital template solutions, we meet people every day that don’t know where else to turn – or who to trust (and still searching for the magic dispatcher of gold bars!)

Usually, our clients need fresh and challenging perspectives, down-to-earth and customized advice, and oftentimes, a brutal and honest reality check. And, of course, HOPE. And that’s what CTS Transport Business Coaching brings to you and to the car hauling ecosystem.

And to coach you, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

We are convinced that real business transformation is not a simple answer that you can absorb from written material. That’s why our transport business coaching is customized for you and your situation.

And by the way. Our main coach is Ty. He’s been a car hauler (and fleet owner) for 20 years. He’s already been where you are right now.

So the best way to get started is for you to call Ty at 417-483-2764 or email Ty direct ( and schedule a time to talk.

During our first scheduled coaching session, we’ll begin to develop a business improvement timeline for you during which we will set goals and homework assignments.

Remember: Don’t get discouraged. Growth is never easy, but doing nothing can be extremely painful.

We want to thank you again for contacting us, and we look forward to talking with you more. Yes, you can also email Jay ( If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

And be sure to continue watching Auto Transport Intel on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central. There you can join the live chat and find out what great things other car hauling business owners are saying about CTS Transport Business Coaching.

We’re here to help.


Jay & Ty

Car Transport Services
Transport Business Coaching

P.S. If you think this is a waste of time, or too expensive, or if you think you can actually spend an entire hour with us on the phone without coming up with even half of a good idea, then there’s no charge. We’ll take that deal any day. And we’ll sincerely wish you good luck.

Because unfortunately, we love this industry too much for you not to go for it, improve your business and take a chance. Because staring at load boards waiting for gold bars to fall from the sky is the most risky thing anyone in this business could ever do.

8 Replies to “Need Transport Business Coaching, Yesterday?”

    1. Hello. Please send your email address, phone number and company info to: jay at ctsbusinesscoaching dot com and I’ll try to find you a referral. Thank you.

  1. I’m looking into get into car haul business. I just don’t wanna go into this blind. I’m looking at doing hauling with a dually and a 3-4 trailer. I hauled cars when I drove Tractor Trailer. Can you help? or is this for established businesses?

    1. Hi, Chris. We can coach you and we’re glad you found us. Please send us an email to autotransportintel at gmail dot com with your phone number and email address so we can get you started. Thanks.

  2. Ty great information you gave me tonight in the coaching call. One of the best lessons thus far. I hope to hear from you again I know what you told me will work I believe in it and I will work it. Thanks for the lesson bro have a great night

    1. Hi, Steve. We regularly charge $100/hour for Auto Transport Business Coaching. If you have any questions, feel free to call Ty at (417) 483-2764 or email him at CTSbusinesscoaching dot com.

      Thanks, again.


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